Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations that make contributing to the greater good a part of their business plan deserve to prosper.

We have worked with a range of companies, big and small, global and domestic, consumer and B2B to help them develop, implement and assess their philanthropic programs and marketing initiatives to achieve measurable impact that meets business and social goals. Below are our core service offerings for corporations

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Our 5 Step Process



Candid assessment of current nonprofit partnerships based on stated business and social objectives, pricing and benefits



Setting a benchmark for effectiveness in three critical areas: awareness, engagement and impact



Specific recommendations on how to enhance, evolve or exit current partnerships



Budget allocation recommendations ensuring there's no hidden cost or going over on given budget



New partner research, evaluation and recommendations in the sports field

how to start a csr project


Your CSR journey is just that – a continuously evolving strategic approach for how you operate your company while making a positive impact on society. 

What do you call this journey? Does it have a name or brand? What are the pillars of your efforts and how do they connect? Our team helps you create the strategy, framework and messaging that pulls your CSR or citizenship practices together. 

Through well-informed assessments, analysis and stakeholder engagement, we thoughtfully guide, package and communicate how you “strengthen business + impact society.”


It is not enough to just have a great cause program or idea, the magic happens when you inspire others to take action. As consumers increasingly seek more than just transactions with brands, substantive cause campaigns provide deeper, meaningful experiences and foster long-term relationships. 

At Red Card Global, we have a passion for building and naming robust awareness, leadership, promotional, digital and event-driven campaigns that activate people of all ages and backgrounds.


So you want a quality, sticky cause or CSR message that people will remember and share with others? This can’t be accomplished without a clear and compelling story of impact. 

Our approach starts with sharing how you are improving lives, how you are leveraging your unique assets, and what you are learning along your journey. 

We craft internal and external marketing communications plans and then bring them to life through message guides, press materials, infographics, speeches, web sites, integrated campaigns and more.


Today, brands have more opportunity than ever to share their authentic voice, perspective and expertise around social issues that are important to them and their stakeholders. 

So what does it mean to lead? It is about listening, learning and ultimately taking focused actions that move people and organizations toward solutions. 

Our work often includes connecting the power of convenings, research, policy, marketing communications, partnerships and stakeholder engagement to drive change.


Let’s face it, we all want to know that what we do every day impacts the success of both our company and our community. For us, employee engagement is about bringing a company’s purpose, culture and values to life. 

Our team creates meaningful experiences that nurture employee development, retain and attract talent and orient employee’s unique skills toward social impact. 

We collaborate with you to design and execute hands-on, virtual and skills-based volunteer programs, year-round signature initiatives and national and global Volunteer Days.


Our team has built and executed hundreds of cause initiatives across the globe. For us, a signature program addresses a focused cause or issue arena, is ownable and branded, and delivers business and social impact. 

Through our process we: identify the unique ways a company can invest in an issue; provide a spectrum of opportunities to engage key stakeholders; and discover ways to lead in the marketplace.