4 Tips to Make Your CSR Effective

Over the years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an important part of a business. Many companies have started to embrace these ideas into their businesses, such as charity donations, community engagement programmes and energy efficient practices. A company should have their economic and legal responsibilities in check before engaging in ethical and philanthropic responsibilities, based on the article, “4 levels of CSR”. Here are some tips to make CSR effective in a company.

  1. Make sure CSR programmes is aligned with the company

This is very important as the CSR programmes a company is working on, is a reflection of the company’s core values and objectives. Donating money to various non-profit organisations seems like an easy way to show people that the company cares about the community, but it would be better to know what the core values of the company are and what type of CSR initiatives they can be a part of. This does not mean that there will be lesser options for CSR. For example, Coca Cola’s “Copa Coca Cola” is a tournament which gave kids the opportunity to be active while playing football. This also gave kids who were less fortunate a chance to show their sporting talents and get recognised.  Hande Aksoy, 2014 FIFA World Cup global marketing manager, said that, “We’ve built a programme that’s not just about competition and sport, but about championing our values and leaving a lasting legacy.”

  1. Engaging employees

Another tip on making CSR effective is making sure that all the employees are on board with the programme. This is not only going to benefit the community but the employees as well. In the article, benefits of corporate volunteerism, employees feel more proud and motivated when they do engage in CSR initiatives which are run by the company. CSR is not only about helping out external organisations and communities, but also about taking care of employees of the company as well. Companies can make CSR initiatives something which employees with have a personal connection based on personal values, passion and hobbies. For example, Google Giving encourages employees to give back to society. They have the choice on how they want to give back to the community, through gift matching, volunteer support and even opportunities to take time off from work to support non profit organisations they love.

  1. Leading from the top

For CSR to be successful, it is important to have senior leadership to support these programmes. The senior executives have to lead the way and be an example for the rest of the company to follow. As the leader of the company, it is up to him/her to lead the way and make social responsibility a vital component in the company’s business activities.

  1. Encourage customers and stakeholders to speak up

If making a decision for what’s best for the company is hard, why don’t you get some advice from stakeholders and customers? This gives them an opportunity to tell you the best way you can contribute to the community, and it would also make them feel like their opinions matter to the company. The Body Shop took the advice of customers who were against animal testing in the production process. They were the first global cosmetics company that started campaigning to end animal testing in cosmetics in 1989. Since then, they have been successful in banning many countries all over the world from animal testing. By listening to advice from customers, they were able to implement CSR initiatives which was effective in shining the company in a positive light.

These are just a few tips on making CSR initiatives an effective one. Making CSR effective will only help improve the business performance of a company, as well as building a good reputation of the company.

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