As the rise of technology has paved the way to new methods for marketing, many companies have replaced traditional marketing with other marketing tactics. Traditional marketing is the use of promotions, advertisements and campaigns by companies for use which have a proven success rate.

Examples of traditional marketing are flyers, newspaper advertisements and billboards. On the other hand, sports marketing is the use of sports to sell or promote a company’s products or services.

So, what are some key differences between traditional marketing and sports marketing?

  1. Target Audience

In sports, there are a group of people that are called ‘fans’. These fans are the reason why sports is how it is today. Without them, professional sports would not even exists, and we would not have known the likes of Lionel Messi and Lebron James. By using sports as a leverage, sports marketing companies are able to reach out to these fans to purchase their products or services.

An example of a company that successful reached out to the fans is Carlsberg. Carlsberg has been a sponsor for Liverpool Football club for over 25 years, playing the role as the club’s Official Beer. In 2017, they created a limited edition beer “using unique research and state-of-the-art technology that harnesses the atmosphere generated by fans.”

Traditional marketing is limited to the local audience. With the use of newspaper advertisements, posters and brochures, companies use these traditional marketing methods to reach out to their audience. The target audience for traditional marketing is, to simply put it, the public.

Anyone who drives can listen to radio advertisements in their car, while those who read the newspaper can see these advertisements while catching up on current affairs. Traditional marketing is suited for everyone, and it is not narrowed down to a specific group or people.

  1. Different ways to reach Target Audience

In the case of traditional marketing, the use of advertisements on newspapers and magazines, commercials on radio and television, flyers, posters and billboards, are some of the ways companies use to reach out to their audience. As you can tell, this leaves them with almost no interaction between the company and the audience.

By using traditional marketing methods, you would not get much feedback from your audience, and there is no engagement between the audience and the company. The goal for traditional marketing is to get people interested in their products or services through their advertisements and commercials.

In recent years, companies who have adopted sports marketing strategies have moved on to digital platforms to engage with their target audience. In a #SCORE 2016 report, it states that,” 65 percent of Gen Z and younger Millennial fans are consuming sports content on a mobile device.”

Hence, social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat are used by these companies to build a relationship with the fans. By providing regular sports content to assist their marketing efforts through social media, it gives them the opportunity to build a relationship by engaging in conversation with these fans.

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