Top 4 Sports Marketing Campaigns in 2017

You all have seen advertisements and campaigns run by well known brands such as Nike and Under Armour. We have chosen 4 great sports marketing campaign, where they were able capture the attention of the viewers, and in some cases, changed their perception on certain topics.

  1. What Will They Say About You? – Nike Middle East

In March 2017, Nike released this video two days before International Women’s Day. The video was shared 75,000 times on Twitter, and had a view count of 400,000 on Youtube of the video in the first two days of its release. The video was about Arab women who were participating in different sports, such as football, boxing, and ice skating, breaking down the social norms in the Arab world.

This video was made to advertise their new Hijab Pro Line for muslim women, which will be in stores next year. The video encouraged women to break down the barriers and obstacles they are facing and to do what they are destined to do.

In an article written by Adweek, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s group account director Kathryn Addo, said that they created this video with Nike for “the women we wanted to celebrate, and and by doing so, embolden a new generation of young women to shift the way people see sport for women in these markets.”

Beside their products, Nike has been known for their great marketing videos, and this year, they have added another great sports marketing video to that list.

  1. P&G ‘Thank You, Mom’ Campaign Ad: “Strong” (Rio 2016 Olympics)

100 days before the Olympics in 2016, Procter & Gamble, one of the sponsors for the Rio Olympics, released a ‘Thank you, Mom’ video, which they have been doing since 2010. The video shows the impact mothers have on their children, and how their presence can help their children, who in the video are athletes, gain strength and overcome obstacles.

This video not only allowed the viewers to watch the video, but viewers can also click on a link in the video to send thank you messages to their mothers after the video! P&G has just released their latest ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign for the 2018 Winter Olympics as well.

  1. This Girl Can – What About You?

In 2015, Sport England came up with a sports marketing campaign named ‘This Girl Can’. The purpose of this was to encourage women in the UK to start participating in sports, as the number of women who are participating in sports are much lower as compared to men.

This video got 1.6 million women in the UK to start exercising, and women were more confident to lead an active lifestyle without the fear of judgement.

What made this campaign successful was that Sport England “seeks to tell the real story of women who play sport by using images that are the complete opposite of the idealised and stylised images of women we are now used to seeing.”

By making sure that the consumers can relate to the advertisement, Sport England were able to accomplish their goals and have a successful marketing campaign.

  1. We’re The Super-humans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

How could we leave the best campaign of 2016 out? This campaign not only help the Paralympics to be sold out for the first time ever, but it also delivered Channel 4 its biggest TV audience in ten years. Up till today, the number of views on Youtube for the video is 8.5 million.

What made this a successful marketing campaign was that Channel 4 was that it gave people a different perspective of those with disabilities. Viewers now know that those with disabilities are not any different from us, and that they can do accomplish anything they want to. 59% of people felt that the video improved their perception of people with disabilities.

In conclusion, whether it is to get people to lead a healthy lifestyle or to show that nothing is impossible for those with disabilities, these brands were able to put themselves in the shoes of their consumers and tell the story.

Anyone can create a sports marketing video, but what makes one better than the rest is how it will leave an impact on its viewers.

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